Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Microservices


Hi, my name is Andrii. I'm Software Engineer at Microsoft with 5 years of experience.

My Projects Symptom Diary, Pet4Pet

Work Experience

Software Engineer


I am acting as Software Engineer working on Backend services for M365

Senior Software Engineer

Epam Systems

Developing project with Oil domain(the project is under NDA). The system is a search service that searches through a lot of external and internal systems and services(REST API, SOAP, SQL Server, Cognitive Search). Playing the key software engineer role on the backend side, designing and implementing software architecture, improve performance, provide security compliance. Also developing and maintaining Java Solution which works with active directory and Kafka acting as an ETL job.

Middle Software Engineer


Developing new features, designing application architecture, and maintaining current behavior on 2C2P ( The system is a payment gateway between different payment providers. Playing the role as a key developer on the project delegated to me along with the QA team.

Junior Software Engineer


Developing the news monitoring system Alphateka ( The system monitors social networks, online news, TV, and Radio. It provides quick articles/posts querying with sentiment and clustering analysis. It is able to build analytical charts on the data and notify about different alerts. Playing the role as a backend developer along with 2 frontend developers, 3 backend developers, PM, QA.